Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eat Mancakes!

Recently, I was given a sample of a new product, by a friend, that is geared towards people who enjoy exercise, and may be looking for a way to diversify their protein source.  This product is Mancakes.

Mancakes are a dry, protein rich pancake mix.  Similar in nature to Bisquick, except Mancakes contain no gluten, no soy, no GMOs, and no added sugar.  Each serving contains 23g of protein, including the higher quality whey protein isolate, 19g of carbohydrates, and 9 grams of fiber. 

As someone who struggles now and then to eat a carbohydrate balanced meal, I can appreciate the fact that each serving contains 19 grams.  This is especially beneficial to anyone who likes to squat heavy and often, like I do.  I also like the fact that this product contains a decent amount of fiber, which seems like a component that is often forgotten about in the supplement industry.

I followed the instructions, using a half cup of unsweetened almond milk.  The dry ingredients mixed up very easily in my measuring cup, while I was heating my pan.  I greased up the pan and set it on medium heat.  I may have had the heat a little high, or I may need to try using butter instead of coconut oil, because the center of the pancake stuck to the pan.  I attribute this more to my cooking method than the pancake formula.  In just a few minutes, the pancake was completely cooked, so I put it on a plate and got ready to eat it.

This was the buttermilk Mancake mix, so I wasn't really expecting a lot of flavor, and to me, it didn't seem to have a lot.  It tasted like a pancake, so I'll gladly take it.  One pancake was quite filling, and certainly didn't taste bad. 

Overall, I think this is a good product for everyone, but especially for people who like to engage in intense physical activity on a regular basis.  I have my own personal recipe for pancakes that I like to use, but Mancakes are definitely a close second on that list.

I recommend that everyone who likes pancakes and likes exercise give Mancakes a try.

Their products can be found at  Check them out today!