Friday, April 2, 2010

Antrim Self-Protection and Martial Arts Group

This is the introductory post for the Antrim Self-Protection and Martial Arts Group. My name is Kent Newland, and I am currently deployed to Iraq, my third deployment. I have 11 years in the Army infantry, and seven years studying various combatives and Filipino Martial Arts systems. I hold instructor rankings in a couple different systems, more on all that later.

My intent, after returning home and settling in, is to start a self-defense and martial arts "study group" for the average citizen, student, and athlete alike. Something where the hobbyist, dabbler, and serious student can all come together to train, learn, and grow.

In addition, I would like to relate my own experiences and also share material that I come across, or material that anyone else might come across.

Look for more posts, and regular posts, starting soon!

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